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You need to rent an apartment in Nikolaev daily?
That’s easy! Apartments from the first hands of the owner, passing through go-between real estate agencies! No extra charges! Euro standard, excellent prices, papers.
Are you going to visit our splendid city of Nikolaev? Business trip, tour, vacation? You need to rent apartment for your friends or relatives? You are in the right place! It is possible to rent an apartment in Nikolaev via the Internet without any real estate agencies right from the owner.
Why apartment and not a hotel? - absolutely reasonable question. And the answer is quite rhetorical - apartment will cost you almost twice cheaper with the same comfort of a room in a hotel. Besides, renting an apartment daily you get an absolutely free play, which you will not get in Kiev hotels. You can have your own kitchen, and if you wish, you can forget about restaurant food.
One-room studio apartment in the very center of NIkoalev on the corner of Sovetskaya and Pr Lenina (check out the map), 100 meters away from Mc Donald’s and Continent hotel; quiet and cosy, supplied by everything you need for comfortable stay – cable and satellite TV, internet, A\C, washing machine and other home supplies. Look at the photos of this apartment and we hope that you will definitely want to rent it! If you are coming to Nikolaev on a business trip and you need invoice documentation, we will provide any kind of receipts. Renting apartments from us you always can count on our help and are ready to assist you with any questions you have. Although, we ask you to follow our simple rules. Apartments with such price-quality standards in Nikoalev is not easy to rent, that’s why we recommend you to rent them inadvance, especially during summer season. If for some reason this apartment didn’t suit you, you can rent our other apartments in Nikolaev – all of them are of the same premium-class and located downtown Nikolaev.
Besides, we offer you our own apartments not only in Nikolaev but also in Kiev and Odessa. To rent an apartment in Odessa daily, use the online form on our Odessaapartmentsrent.com site or contact us

To rent an apartment is cheaper that staying in a hotel. Let's take a look at the prices and compare them: one room in a hotel in the center would cost you around 80 - 90 dollars or even 200 dollars per night, while you can rent a good and beautifully furnished apartment in the center of the city just for 40-45 dollars and a little more that can depend on the qualityof the flat, the number of the rooms and the location.
With a rented apartment in Kyiv, you have your own place to stay comfortable. It will be your own home in Mykolayiv. YOu leave your apartment and come back when you feel like it and are not made to say about your visits to the anyone. NOt all but a lot of hotels demand to leave notices at the reception about your pepole, who come to your room. If you have your own rented apartment in Odesa your your guests can come and go any time without somebody else's bad looks.

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